Monday, July 18, 2011

Women's World Cup

So, the game began at 8:30 here.

We watched the first half at home, then headed out via taxi "Funk Taxi" for the second half. I'd googled up an American sports bar. It was raining. The sweet cabbie, (Victor had asked for an English-speaking one) tried really hard, and kept saying "casino"? We're like no! Futbol! He's like "American futbol no" and I'm going "Fifa World Cup Soccer? USA-Japan?"

So he drives us to a casino. And the person running it says, "No, American sports bar no more."

The cabbie wouldn't charge us, we paid him anyway, and went to the "Bistro" in the Hilton with the crappy food, but we knew they had TVs.

Yeah, so the Japanese scored and about 1/3 of the bar was cheering.

Then the US scored and about 1/2 of the bar was cheering. Victor stood up doing the "Yeah!" pose that men tend to do, and I was waving my arms.

Then a woman behind us said, "Schwein". Yeah, we got called pigs. We decided to pretend not to understand and ignored the smug biotchewa.

Then, at midnight, we went to dinner at an Australian restaurant that stays open until 3 AM. Victor had kangaroo steak with ?gravy, mushrooms, and risotto. I had crepes with bananas and chocolate ice cream. Tasty!

Hey! It was only the fourth time I've had ice cream. I mean, I only had it three times yesterday. Servings are small and I don't like wieners, wurst, pork, fried pork, sausage, schnitzel, and the other eleventy billion scary pork products they have.

And yeah, I can't stop giggling every time I see wiener. I'm a joy to travel with.

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  1. It's good to know that ice cream is there for you even in Germany! It sounds like a great time is being had. Can't wait to read more!