Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick check in

I'm going to have to do this blog a bit free it comes to me rather than in chronological order of how we do things.

First, a picture to prove I'm here.

I'm sitting in front of a fountain somewhere. By some castle. In Aultschadt (Old City). I think.

How about a picture of Victor and I?

I actually know where we are in this picture! We are at the top of Fraukirche...Church of Our Lady. It's Lutheran. Anyway, we are up under a big-assed dome. Way up high. That's the Elbe River behind us. It's the major (only?) river that runs through Dresden.

So, this church was rebuild after the British bombed Dresden in 1943 (?). A guide told us that the Brits wanted to knock out the church it was the first time napalm was used. It IS a sad story. Many, many died.

However, the guide made it sound like they were attacked, September 11 style, and the "Brits were angry for some reason." Victor said gently, "Well, Hitler DID bomb London. There was a war..." She said, "Jah, Hitler" and we moved on quickly. There is no recognition of Hitler's atrocities or monuments to the Jews that I have seen.

More later...

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  1. I'm glad that you are having fun ! Good pictures of you both.