Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dresden's answer to our Paul Bunyan in Bangor

This is what greets you at the Hygiene Museum, which is supposed to be the leading museum about the human body in the world.

Unfortunately, it is almost exclusively in German.

And it should be called the "Sex and Childbirth" museum, because that's what it really is. They're much freer with sharing here. Models of body parts (you know which ones) with warts, lesions, etc. I'd tell you what the diseases are specifically, but they were written in German.

There was a game where you try to get two sexual partners to, um, "peak" at the same time. A mom was watching her son and daughter play it. I felt like a Puritan.

There was a *leather* sculpture showing the moment of birth. I almost let out a Spongebob style scream. You know, the kind that echos through the ocean.

Seriously, next to nothing on muscles, the nervous system, skeletal system, blood, respiration, etc. Fortunately no scatology.

Even I couldn't take pictures of most of the exhibits. I'll share what I could photograph without barfing or giggling or turning completely red faced.

The upside to not speaking German is that they don't even bother to ask me to put my camera away. :)

An iron lung. Can you imagine living this way, or having your child in one of these?

I'm sending this picture to Seamus. He needs to stand up straight for both his health, and so that other kids will stop calling him "Greg Heffley" a la Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Those are all the pictures I could take in the regular exhibit.

Paul Bunyan should have been a clue.

Finally, I reached the visiting exhibition about sports and the body. Yanno, thinking there might be some things about gymnastics.

Not much.

At first I was optimistic...

I'm guessing that the small one is a gymnast. They used famous athletes for some of them. Like the tracksters and big guy are all Americans. The gymnast looks a little bit Russian/Romanian, but it isn't Alina Mustafina, who is the best gymnast right now.

Since the Americans won the last two all around titles at the Olympics, I don't know who else they would use, besides Mustafina, who is recovering from a torn ACL at last year's Worlds. (What? More information than you wanted to know? You'll thank me in 2012 when, if she can return, Mustafina will be a huge name.)

The only other gymnastics related thing I could find was this:

An old school pommel horse. Yay.

Did you notice that there are only four pictures?

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  1. I did notice only 4 pictures...and they were all so very "puritan"! So, were you the color of red the whole time :) LOL