Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm in Dresden!

I didn't sleep on a single plane.

BUT I slept 45 minutes in front of strangers in the Frankfurt airport.

I'm trying to download pictures now, but I'll tell you some quick observations.

They have two kinds of water: sparkling and "plain". Don't let plain fool you. It's mineral water and it's gack-worthy. So I've had a couple of Coca-Cola "light" and zero. Don't say diet!

Many older women dye their hair a horrible red, like some women do at country fairs in Maine.

The streets are very, very uneven. They're artful and beautiful with cobblestones and subtle steps up and down.

So, of course, I have tripped and fell off my low heeled sandals many time.

Oh! I almost forgot about Frankfurt airport security.

Two other women and I were pulled. No men. So four male security guards stood together, on the side, with their arms across their chests, smiling and making jokes, as you could tell by their body language.

The one security women, felt me up. No really, she did. She first did a wand right up into my armpits and up and down my legs. Then she ran her fingers over my shoulder and her palms you know where checking my bra underwire.

THEN she manhandled the zipper of the fly of my shorts and pulled me this way and that. I can only imagine my expression.

Then I sat down and she motioned for me to take off my shoes. She wanted them and they beeped like crazy, and she twisted them this way and that. I think she was trying to tell me to pick up my my feet so she could wand them or search them or touch them. She was getting exasperated. I was bewildered and trying to decide if I felt violated or ridiculous. The male security people were chuckling.

She waved her arms like "no way" and handed me back my shoes.

I hightailed it out of there and after my luggage. They make you take your laptop out of the bag and I feared for its safety.

More later...


  1. You'd think a gymnast could keep her balance... :)

  2. Have fun ! I liked your observations.

  3. I tried to post earlier on this one- I think Felt up in Frankfort should be a band name. Maybe we could start one when you get back!