Friday, July 15, 2011

Annoying things happen in threes

Last night was my last night here.

So, I got out of class at USM at 4. I got home at 5:40. There was an accident in Cumberland, and even though I routed myself around it (and found myself in the middle of the Yarmouth Clam Festival set up), it took over 1.5 hours. Ugh. Thankfully my mom picked up the boys from camp.

A friend had given me a gift certificate, so I took the kids to Byrne's Irish Pub for supper. We ate. However, in small print, it said that the gift certificate was only good for THE CABIN!

Then, as we came home...Keagan said,

"Mama, I think I have lice!"

"Oh Keagan, no you don't."

"But Mama, when I itch my head something moves!"

Sure enough. Yep. He had lice. I saw one in Keagan's hair. It was 7:30. I ran to CVS and bought four kits. Shawn's mom came down to the house and helped me treat the boys.

You have to shampoo, towel dry, put the pesticide in, wait exactly 10 minutes, rinse, and comb and comb and comb with the lice comb.

Keagan and Seamus were easy enough. And we only found one in Seamus' hair, and about 12 in Keagan's hair.

But me? My mom held the flashlight while Shawn's mom combed through my hair. Takes forever.

Arrrgggghhhhh! I think I need a vacation!

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  1. bummer! Hope that you are now through it all and getting ready for a fun time!