Monday, July 18, 2011

Public transportation in Germany

Public transport is very clean. It's a bit hard to navigate for me so far because, you know, I don't know German, or the geography of the area. But I'm getting there.

Bikes are everywhere. I mean everywhere. Everywhere. I think it's why the people are generally thinner here. That and the ice cream portions are smaller.

I get the symbols...most of them.

Take a taxi from 10 PM - 4 AM. Put a muzzle and leash on your dog. Hit the button if you want to stop. (OK, I thought it meant hit the button if you have a medical emergency, but Victor corrected me.) Don't drink ice cream, french fries, or coke.

Hold your own luggage. Keep your feet off the seat. No smoking, no rollerblades.

Make sure you buy a ticket. Hang on. Big Brother is watching you. (Yeah, really. There are video cameras EVERYWHERE!)

But this. This on has me flummoxed.

Victor think it means 'don't be the red guy'. I think it means 'promote racial harmony and let anyone sit anywhere.'

I put it in a translator.

It means: Passengers without valid ticket pay a increased transport payment in accordance with the transport conditions.

Really? That's what black suit and red face mean?

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