Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For immature audiences only, part 2

Before I found the Hygiene Museum, I wandered around endlessly. I was on a mission for three things today:
*The Green Vault museum--it's supposed to be full of inventions that some prince commissioned back in the 12oos, possibly while smoking crack.
*The Hygiene Museum
*Diet Coke
*Something to eat

The "info" kiosk in Aldstadt (old city) was staffed by two women. Neither spoke English. I finally got them to understand "Green Vault", they said it in German and I recognized the sounds from my reading. They directed me. I found it. It is closed on Tuesdays.

I took the tram out to a stop called "Hygiene Museum". And wandered for about an hour looking for the place.

Diet Coke? That was 2.5 hours later. Something to eat? Even later than Diet Coke. A paltry chocolate truffle ice cream scoop. Honestly, these people are thin because they ride bikes, their portions are tiny, and their food is gross. In my humble opinion, of course.

At least I could find things to laugh at.

Here's another condom ad:

Oh yes, the old bra hanging off the mirror of the VW bus.

No, it doesn't say assfart! It means "exit".

Yep, it says "Bier Bar "ASS"'

And ass has the same meaning in the translator. I remember Old Milwaukee and Schlitz being referred to a "butt beer", but it was never a compliment.

Finally, an ad from my current favorite movie. The one that literally gave me an asthma attack in the theatre.

The name of the movie is Bridesmaids. Brautalarm translates to "brew alarm". But I still love the ad!

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  1. I think that Achtung Assfart is going to be my new go to swear! It really does the trick- Caution Assfart really says a lot in a short and catchy way. Thanks for going on this trip and expanding my cultural understanding!!